Friday, February 23, 2018

Another week has flown by with all the animals.........

Another week has flown by and I have to admit I am a bit tired. It all started with a trip to the zoo last weekend with Little Buddy.  You can't tell from any of these photos but he actually had a good time.  He loves the rides but covers his ears before they start because the noise startles him.  After they get going he is all smiles, but you could never tell from these photos!  They make me laugh.

We saw a few giraffes, zebras, an elephant that went down to the pond and had a drink with his trunk and pygmy hippos!  The baby was born this past December.  She was running around everywhere while her Mom stood there eating.  I bet Mom had her eye on her even if it didn't look like she was paying attention.

Little Buddy has been battling an eye infection this week.  I will spare you the gross photos.  The doctor thinks an eyelid follicle got infected.  He looks like he has been in a barroom brawl, and lost I might add.  Today he gets picked up from school early so we can finally get more Botox shots for his right leg.  It won't be a fun experience but it will be worth it once that hip relaxes a bit.  He is growing which is so much harder with a little person with Cerebral Palsy, it takes much longer for their muscles to adapt to the bone lengthening as it grows.  Hopefully these shots will help me as I am stretching him out.

The boys are growing like crazy.  I can't believe how big they are now.  I have had a very busy work week so my time with them has been limited.  But each time I see them it seems they have grown a few inches in length and height and of course gained some weight.  They will be 4 months old tomorrow.  We have had Hank 6 weeks, and Bear 4.

Have you been watching the Olympic's?  I would love to say I have but work has had me much too busy this week.  I have not even played with yarn since last Sunday!  I hope to rectify that tonight as I snuggle one little boy with a swollen eye and possible sensitive leg while trying to keep the two furry boys in check.

Hope you all had a good week, I'll catch up with all of you as soon as I can.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Have you seen their faces...............

17 beautiful lives have been lost this week in yet another mass shooting.  Lives have been shattered,  no one related to these victims and this school will never be the same.

Our country has had yet another massive shooting and again our politicians offer prayers and kind thoughts but don't do anything about it.

If you have voted for these politicians do you feel accountable?  I think you should.  While I may yet again lose many of you there has to be accountability here.  Where is it?  Who will finally start the momentum of change?

My senator, Marco Rubio has accepted $3,303,355 in campaign donations from the NRA.  How much has your Senator or House Representative accepted?  Do you think with over a $3,000,000 payout Marco Rubio is about to make any changes to our current gun laws?  I don't.  We will all hear the big talk about this is not the time to politicize shootings, really?  When is the right time?  When?

Did you know this is the 7th fatal school shooting at a school in the United States this year?  Did you know that 150,000 children have been exposed to shootings on campus since 1999?  That number does not include the teachers, principals, therapists, counselors, maintenance staff, nurses, caregivers, lunch room staff, office staff and their families, neighbors and so on.  And while this is the 7th fatal shooting that does not include the 11 other incidents where either no one was hurt or they were not killed during school hours, but a gun did go off at a school.  That is a total of 18 incidents my friends, and we are not even through with the second month of the year.

Did you know that it is legal to buy a firearm at the age of 18 in the United States but we don't trust those same young people to drink alcohol?  

While our politicians want to make this a mental health issue, which surprisingly enough they have cut funding to mental health facilities and plan to cut more funding to Medicaid and Medicare where many people receive their mental health treatment, it is at the most basic level a gun issue.  And if guns are available, then those who want to use them irresponsibly will find them and use them to damage lives.

When I was at work this past week I saw a horrible commercial on FOX News that showed what was supposed to be an illegal immigrant shooting a young woman. The Mother at the house I was at told me that was on because of the horrible shooting by an illegal immigrant.  After I regained my composure about that commercial being on during the day with little children around I had to have my say.  Many, many more people are killed by american citizens than illegal immigrants.  To politicize that event in order to say we need more guns to protect ourselves is unbelievably ignorant.  

So while I want to blog about the Olympics, puppies, cute little boys, and hearts and flowers for Valentine's Day that all seems so unimportant right now.  So very senseless.  My husband treated me to an unbelievable gift, a concert with Andrea Bocelli on Valentine's Day.  While we sat there listening to the most beautiful voice ever created all I could think about was those 17 people and their families.  How Valentine's Day will never be the same for them.  Actually no day will ever be the same for them.  17 beautiful lives have been lost, and they will be added to the list of those lost before them that is increasing at a rapid rate.  When is it enough?  Look at their pictures and read about their lives so they aren't just a statistic, they are human beings that have been murdered because we think the NRA and gun laws are more important than human life.  If you voted for these politicians than you should be held responsible, we all should. 

And this just in, our current president has received over $31,000,000 from the NRA.  Just some food for thought.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Long weeks are always better with some puppy love, and a gift................

Last weekend we had family visiting from Minnesota.  Our darling great nieces and their parents of course.  Little Buddy had a wonderful time with them and asks about them everyday.  They arrived on Friday evening and left on Tuesday.  We did not have the best weather but it was warm enough for shorts and light weight jackets, which seemed much better than their below freezing temps at home.  Our great nephew also came to stay with his Grandmother, my SIL, so the boys took him out to celebrate his 21st birthday.  Well Mr. 20 had to stay home because he is not yet 21.  Still we had the whole extended family over for dinner to celebrate.  We had a visit to the park, lots of playtime, and puppy duty of course, it was a BUSY weekend.

The boys are getting bigger and are starting to listen a wee bit more.  We are understanding the command, sit, and most of the time, stay, but sometimes they are just so excited by life and are wagging their tails so much they simply can't listen.

I tried a photo shoot outside this morning and they did pretty good.  Hank is weighing in at about 20 pounds, and Bear around 16 1/2.   You can see how much bigger Hank is in the photos.  He is bigger yet lets his brother chase him and bite as they wrestle.  They are really so adorable to watch.  Bear can only handle so much playtime before he needs a cuddle.  He is very much the baby even though they are from the same litter.  Bear is thin, but the Vet is not worried, some dogs are just smaller and thinner.  He has food available all day long and Hank is not pushing him away, so I guess he will eat when he needs to.  Our Max was the runt, he did not eat much the first 6 weeks we had him.  I had to take him into the vet's office once a week until he really started to gain weight.  He ended up a very healthy 95 pounds so maybe I should stop worrying.

We have been keeping them close to home, just walking around our house when we are outside, but today I decided to try a longer walk.  We made it 1/2 mile and they did very good.  Yes they were distracted and tried to go in opposite directions a few times but overall it went well.   We will gradually move to longer walks in hopes it tires them out a bit.  They have a lot of energy!

This week I was the lucky winner of a giveaway from Vera.  She is the incredible knitter, who makes things I could only dream of.  Thank you so much Vera for picking my name.  I can't wait to dive into this gorgeous book.  The book takes a look at the great lakes region of Michigan, where I grew up.  I can't wait to see all the beautiful areas that will remind me of my childhood.  All the places I have been to and had hoped to see someday.  This will be a perfect way to relax after an incredibly busy week at work.  Thank you again Vera.  Please pop by Vera's blog and say hi for me, you'll be glad you did. 

I'll leave you with this photo.  It reminds me of a heart.  These boys usually sleep while touching each other in some way.  They are so darling.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Puppy Mayhem

It is puppy mayhem here at my house.  Utterly puppy craziness.  If I am not at work I am spending all my time standing outside with one or two puppies waiting for them to potty or poop.  It isn't just me, everyone in the family is doing the same thing.  It is all about poop, potty, stop biting, get down and oh yeah, don't destroy my laundry room wall after you have been in there only 15 minutes. 

  They are darling and I know puppies are inquisitive.  If they see a wee bit of paper coming off the wall they are going to go for it.  I actually didn't even know there was a bit of paper coming off the wall.  This is not exactly what I had planned.  I am not in love with the paper, it came with our house so must be 22 years old, but still!  I think our Hank was the instigator in this laundry room wall mess but since there were no witnesses I can't really lay the blame on him.

I think I need to rename my blog to, Mere- will never get to knit or crochet again.  Or, Mere- is a complete nut job for taking on two puppies.  Or how about, Mere-will never be able to read another blog in her life, or at least until her puppies stop destroying walls. 

Bear got his first bath with us last night.  Can I say he was not impressed?  He kept picking up his paws like he was stepping in something repulsive.  Now mind you he doesn't mind stepping in his water bowl, I mean like all the time.  He steps in it and trails water everywhere.  He is just so darling.  He cries and cries for me to pet him or pick him up.  He sits by me at dinner time and wants to sleep with his head on my lap in the evenings when there is a rare bit of peace because they are both so exhausted. Bear follows me around and is always under my feet.  He is so precious with those deep brown eyes.  Hank is more active and always wants to play.  He likes to bite but then always allows Bear to be on top when they are puppy wrestling.  He loves a bit of cuddling but then goes off to lay down where he has room and isn't bothered.  He is doing so well with sitting and we are working on, "stay."  Bear is a few weeks behind as far as training.  Hank has those gorgoeus curls on his head and beautiful green eyes, he seems to be a bit more independent than Bear.  It really interesting to see the differences in their personalities.  Siblings are like that, aren't they?

I have been on the hunt for proper gates all week.  I mean I have spent an exorbitant amount of time shopping for them or looking for them on line.  I have one to block off Little Buddy's room, so he can see out but they can't see in.  I have two with doors, one to block off the laundry room where their crate is and one to block off the main kitchen area from the garage door.  And I am waiting for one to block off the kitchen from the rest off the house.  It looks like we are in prison here. One smallish gate I had purchased to block off the garage door area was installed and Bear promptly climbed over it.  I mean 10 seconds after I was done.  He must be part mountain goat.  

Okay, I have been on this computer long enough.  The boys are getting restless even though you would think they would be exhausted after the laundry room incident.  We have guests coming for the weekend, I know more fun to add to the already crazy party.  See you when I can.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

And then there were two.........

And now there are two puppies in our home.  Meet Bear, Hank's brother.  Isn't he darling?  On Thursday I heard from the breeder Diane that there was one blond boy and black girl still available from the litter Hank came from.  I was so surprised because I had never heard about another blond boy, I thought we had met all the puppies.  She told me she thought I wanted the biggest dogs so she brought me the biggest puppies.  I promptly told her I wasn't ready for another puppy, Hank was enough and was pouncing on Little Buddy every chance he got.  Then she put the thought in my head that puppies usually bite each other and get tired playing so they don't bite their humans as much.  Well played by her I think because then I kept thinking about that.  Then I made the mistake of asking for a photo, oh my!  Big brown eyes and a black nose, he looked so sad.  Hank has big green eyes and a brown nose. Apparently they were pretty inseparable when they were together, an now that the other boys were gone he was whining a lot.  Now how can I live with that?  We talked, and I hemmed and hawed but in the end I know I would always wonder about this little boy.  We sent her a text last night and he was still available.  She was thrilled, well of course she was and even gave us a discount!  I called Mr 20 and arranged for him to meet us at the breeders and we did that this afternoon.  Bear is darling, a bit smaller than Hank for the moment and for now a little more subdued.  That can all change when he gets used to us.  Hank was soooooooo excited to see his brother.  They smelled, and smelled, and circled, and Hank ran around and nibbled a bit on his brothers ears.  Just call us puppy crazy here, I am afraid that is what we will be for a few months at least.  But then they will calm down and everyone will be as happy as can be.  I always wished Max had a friend, he would have been less sensitive and happier when we left him alone for a few hours.  Now Hank and Bear will have each other.  It's nice to have a sibling isn't it?

Okay off to puppy duty, and it's raining out, bummer!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Puppy-mania continues.............

It is all puppy, all the time at my house right now.  I seem to be on rapid repeat, saying the same things over and over, no bite, get down, NO!  Hank thinks Little Buddy is a litter-mate and Little Buddy just can't get it in his head to stay off the floor where he will get pounced on.  Little Buddy gets put in his room with a gate up so he can play without being bitten up like a toy bone and Little Hank sleeps outside the gate so he can be near his brother.  On, and on, it goes........

Last night after Little Buddy had his bath, we gave Hank his first bath at our house.  Let me just say he was not impressed.  He made a huge mess, I swear it is so hard to keep the water in the tub when you are bathing a little puppy, they try to leap out, shake, well you get the picture.  Little Buddy thought this whole bath thing with a puppy was hysterical.  I was drenched, but had two clean boys when it was all over.

Today was the first trip to the vet.  I love when the vet knows you well and everyone at the office is just so thrilled you have a new puppy to love.  They greeted us and were completely smitten with this little boy.  He is now weighing in at 14 pounds and is three months old today.  We need to celebrate!

Hope you all have something to celebrate this weekend.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday smiles......

Hope you all have a great week.